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COLUMBUS – Today the Ohio Business Roundtable, which represents over 100 of the state’s largest employers, announced its opposition to Issue 2, a proposed law on Ohio’s November 7 statewide ballot that would legalize recreational marijuana use and retail sales in Ohio.

“Medical marijuana is already readily available in Ohio and an expansion to recreational use would have detrimental impacts on children’s health, community safety, and workforce development. The negative consequences other states have suffered from legalization are clear. Ohio’s economy is on a roll, and we continue to be a prime destination for new job creation, chiefly because of our people. Issue 2 puts Ohioans at risk and the Ohio Business Roundtable opposes its passage,” said Ohio Business Roundtable Chairman Frank Sullivan, Chairman and CEO of RPM International Inc.

The Ohio Business Roundtable joins the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association, the Ohio Association of Health Commissioners and leading law enforcement and veterans groups, and business leaders in opposing Issue 2.

The commercial marijuana industry wrote the proposed law and also paid to get it on the November statewide ballot. The marijuana industry’s law would significantly expand access to marijuana in Ohio, including access to the gummies, lollipops and sodas appealing to children and which they often mistake for candy. The legalization of marijuana in states has been linked to increased use by young people, increased auto injuries and deaths, increased crime and increased impairment at work. Employees who are impaired at work have 85% more injuries and 75% more absences.

“Ohio businesses have all struggled mightily to find enough workers and when we do find someone they often can’t pass a drug test. The reason this matters is safety. Workers who test positive on the job have 55% more industrial accidents and no employer wants to put their employees at risk like that. It’s hard not to imagine an increase in workers compensation rates if there is more access to this drug and its impact on the workplace tracks with other states’ experiences. We just need to say No on Issue 2 to protect Ohio workers and spare our businesses increased costs,” said Dave Johnson, CEO of Summitville Tiles and a member of the Protect Ohio Workers and Families Steering Committee.

About the Ohio Business Roundtable
In 1992, the Ohio Business Roundtable was established for one sole purpose: to improve Ohio’s business climate. Since its inception, the OBRT has worked with Ohio’s governors and legislative leaders to make Ohio more business-friendly and more competitive both nationally and internationally. The Roundtable is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of over 100 presidents and CEOs of Ohio’s top companies, 75 of which are headquartered in the state and more than one third of which are Fortune 1000 companies. Collectively, the members employ over 500,000 Ohioans and generate a revenue exceeding $1.48 trillion. Because of the collective expertise and insight of OBRT members, the Roundtable is uniquely capable of bringing solutions to improve Ohio’s economic vitality and ensure that Ohio remains the ideal state in which to live, work and succeed. Learn more at

About Protect Ohio Workers and Families
Protect Ohio Workers and Families is a broad coalition of Ohioans opposing the commercial marijuana industry’s effort to legalize recreational marijuana use and retail sales. Marijuana industry interests have funded an effort to put the issue up for a statewide vote on the November 7 ballot. Legalizing the recreational use and retail sales of marijuana in Ohio is not intended to make our state better, but to enrich the $30 billion marijuana industry. “Corporate Marijuana” is today’s version of “Big Tobacco”– a handful of large, investor-owned corporations seeking to churn profits via a dangerous product at the expense of our children, workers’ safety, economy and communities. For more information, visit